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Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression
PLDD is a minimally invasive laser treatment performed using local anesthesia for disc hernia/protrusion in selected patients.

PLDD is an abbreviation of Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression. Insert a thin needle to the intervertebral disc under the X-ray guidance. Laser fiber is injected through the needle to burn the nucleus pulposus. Laser irradiation makes a heat denaturation and makes a cavity in intervertebral disc, and herniated disc retracts(decompress).
PLDD takes a only around 15 minutes. After surgery, patient needs a rest on the bed for 1 or 2 hours. After that, patient can go home the day of surgery.
In this surgery, no need to use general anesthesia, only using local anesthesia. In addition, patient no need to hospitalization.

During the procedure, an laser fiber is inserted through the needle, thin needle is inserted into the herniated disc (the target of the needle is the center of the disc called nucleus pulposus) under x-ray guidance.

And laser energy is sent through the fiber, and burns a tiny portion of the disc nucleus. This creates a vacuum space which draws the protrusion herniation away from the nerve root, and decompress it.
Each PLDD procedure takes 15-30 minutes and two discs can be treated at the same time if necessary. After PLDD, patient get up from the bed after around couple hours. Patient can go home at the day of surgery. And the symptom of the disc herniation is restored day by day(There is individual difference in the speed of the recovery). 


Specialist Dr.Hisayuki MIYAJIMA

The director of Meguro Yuai Clinic / Medical Spine Center. Orthopaedics Specialist, who has over 1000 PLDD surgery.


Let's aim for the best goal together!
Let's aim for the best goal togetherWhat I value most is building a strong relationship of trust from patients. As a result of believing so, we have been able to continue medical treatment while receiving great support from many patients to date.
In order to build a strong relationship of trust, it is necessary to remove the pain and distress of the patient.
Not to forget the compassion and delicate attention to eliminate uneasy feelings and dissatisfaction points. I think that it is important for standing in the position of each patients. And also it's important to realize what they are really seeking.
Many patients who have been suffering for many years are coming to our spine center because they have not cured with the treatment so far. Such patients have quite a few concerns and dissatisfaction about medical care. First of all, I think that it is the job of a doctor to eliminate such feelings. We carefully explain the patient's condition and treatment method and talk repeatedly until we can convince their heart. Then, I would like to aim for the goal to be satisfied together.

Orthopedic specialist
Dr. Hisayuki MIYAJIMA

Japan Orthopedic Association Specialist, Japan Orthopedic Association Sports Specialist
The Japan Medical Association accredited industrial physician, Spinaland spinal pathologist

Japan Orthopedic Association, Japan Laser Medical Association
East Japan Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Association
The Japanese Society of Spinal Association, Kanto Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Association
Japan Associationof Fracture Therapy, Japan Foot Surgery Association
Japanese Hand Surgery Association, Japan External Fixation · Bone Extension Association

First Consultation

Please send your MRI and X-Ray image data to Meguro Yuai Clinic.

At first, please send us the MRI and X-ray image data.
If you have your MRI and X-Ray image data, please send it by email.
Email address: webmaster@yuai-clinic.or.jp

And also we need the information of symptoms in detail.
Download : Questionnaire form *There're 2 pages.
Download : Sample of the questionnaire form

Dr.MIYAJIMA checks the MRI and X-Ray images, also checks about the symptoms which filled in the qustionnaire form for diagnose that the lumbar or cervical disc herniation has an indication for PLDD laser surgery or not.
​After Dr.MIYAJIMA diagnosed, we will reply to you with the diagnosis by e-mail or WhatsApp.

Seminar About PLDD in Jakarta Indonesia
Pantai Indah Kapuk, June 2018

June 12, 2018, the seminar venue was Pantai Indah Kapuk Golf. It was a vacation season, but more than 400 people joined this seminar.

Dr.Miyajima explained about many surgery methods regarding cervical disc herniation or lumbar disc herniation. And "PLDD" one of the most noninvasive surgery for spinal disc hernination.

Almost people who joined this seminar had brought their MRI and X-ray images by films or CD-ROM. Also they had already diagnosed that they need to undergo a kind of general surgery which invasive.

But, many people have an indication for PLDD laser surgery. It means many people have a possibility that they can be cured their symptoms (such as; tingling sensation, pain, numbness, sciatica, etc) without general anesthesia, or long-term hospitalization.

Dr.Miyajima made a time to talk with people one by one, face to face. And he tryed to help them from fear because they were so stressfull to think about future with general surgical operation. Dr. told them that they have several options to cure. One of a option--that is PLDD.

We would like to say thank you to our friends who helped us for this visiting.
And hopefully many people will be cured with convincing treatment or surgery.


PLDD laser surgery cost

Price List

Lumbar disc herniation

Surgery for ​1 disc ... 799,200 yen / Add 1 disc ... 432,000 yen

Cervical disc herniation

Surgery for ​1 disc ... 993,600 yen / Add 1 disc ... 540,000 yen

These costs are including 3 times MRI examination.

About the additional fee:

1. Patient made an appointment for MRI, X-ray, and consultation, but if suddenly request surgery on that day, the following additional fees will apply.
>> for lumbar disc herniation … Add 54,000 yen
>> for cervical disc herniation … Add 108,000 yen

2. Patient has no appointment for MRI, X-ray, and consultation, also suddenly request surgery on that day, the following additional fees will apply.
>> for lumbar disc herniation … Add 108,000 yen
>> for cervical disc herniation … Add 216,000 yen

Payment: Please pay with cash or credit card.

For patients applying for insurance money:
Filling out the medical certificate may cost money. If you need, please consult the staff of clinic.

Access / Location

Meguro Yuai Clinic
2-30-5 Nakacho Meguroku Tokyo JAPAN Tel: +81-3-3710-6119 Fax: +81-3-3710-6219

From Haneda Tokyo International Airport
By Car : Around 40 minutes.
By Train and Bus : Around 1 hour.

If use taxi, please show this address to the driver.
It's written by Japanese.

郵便番号153-0065 東京都目黒区中町2-30-5 電話03-3710-6119

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